Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well I know it’s been a long time since I have updated my blog and I’m sorry!! Life has been so busy and crazy. Since I last updated I become a year older and at times wiser haha. I had an amazingly relaxing birthday! I got to spend the weekend in eastern Oregon with friends and then my birthday with my family! It was a great way to start a new year! I’ve hardly been home the past few months. I’ve been gone during the week and weekend. I truly do live 99% of my life out of a suitcase. In the past three and a half months just for work I have traveled over 7,000 miles! Craziness spending that much time in a vehicle! Good thing I love my job! Work has been going great and unfortunately seeing kids with teeth rotting out and black with decay on a daily basis has become a reality. You think that when parents saw huge abscesses in their kids’ mouths and all of their teeth black with decay and no occlusal surfaces would raise a red flag but no. The things that we see are unfortunate and unreal! Makes my job worthwhile knowing that we truly make a difference. Since I last updated this we have traveled to: Port Orford, Portland, Prineville, Portland, Maupin, Oakridge, Newberg, Gilchrist, Frenchglen, Drewsey, Fields, Lakeview, and Burns. From January to March we provided simple treatment to 262 kids in the van, provided preventive services to 2,645, and restorative services (pulps, crowns, extractions, fillings) to 597. Total value of services provided was $200,000. So as you can see it was a very busy and successful three months. I have traveled to some beautiful and fun places. The kids have been so great to work with. Every day is truly a new adventure! You never know what they are going to say and do. Kids say the funniest things and keep us laughing all day. I have been working for over 3 months now and I still love it and the traveling has become a reality of life. I realized that in less than a year I’ve gone from being the maid to having a maid! Haha! It’s kind of nice to have fresh towels and a made bed every day. :) One of the advantages of the job is the wildlife and scenery that we get to see on our long road trips every week. Over the next 4 weeks I’m not going to step foot in my house at all! It’s going to be a long haul but so much fun! Spending the weeks working out of town and the weekends out of town in eastern Oregon camping and backpacking! This week has been amazing I’m in central southern Oregon and the wildlife is outstanding! We have seen tons of different birds, antelope, dear, wild horses, beavers, nutria, jackrabbits, and even a cotton tail bunny! The scenery has been insane too! And the smell of sage brush everywhere! I love the smell of sage! Nothing can beat it! I have also been indulging my love of photography! I will post pictures soon! It’s great to see thousands of miles uninhabited. We stayed in an old historic hotel this week. It is the only hotel in the town we were in. There were 8 rooms and shared bathrooms. One mens and one womens. Quite the experience! haha. The town had a one room school house and one teacher for K-8. Talk about going back to the old west! There was nothing in the town at all! A few houses, the school, and the small hotel and that was it! No store, gas station, restaurant or anything! No connection to the outside world at all and I loved it! Frenchglen was a fun place to be! Other than work I’ve just been busy visiting friends and spending time with family! It’s been great strengthening my relationships with those close to me. I don’t know if I say enough how lucky and grateful I am for my amazing family and friends! It makes me excited for the summer! Since I will be working in town more this summer I’ll have more of an opportunity to spend time with friends and get to spend my weekends enjoying the beautiful Oregon country side! And I promise to try and keep my blog more up to date over this summer! I haven’t had internet a lot of the places I have been and life has been busy as all of you understand. But the Tooth taxi has been amazing as always; we are conquering Oregon one rotten tooth at a time lol! I have become a permanent part of the team and am so happy to be!

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