Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer 2010

Another summer has gone by quickly! It has definitely been a summer of fun and change! I have been staying local with work so I’ve been able to be home every night which has been amazing. Means more time to spend with my family, friends, and boyfriend. We are staying with 60 miles of Portland so I just commute every day. The commuting part I am not a huge fan of but being in my own house and bed every night is nice. I do miss having somebody to clean my room and make my bed every day! You get spoiled living in hotel rooms and then you come home and have to do everything for yourself again! Geesh why don’t the maids just come home with me!!! I haven’t gone on too many trips this summer. I’m saving up my vacation time for Hawaii this November! Been over to eastern Oregon a few times and the coast and central Oregon. I guess the only area I haven’t been is southern Oregon. Hopefully by this fall I’ll make it down there for a weekend to visit friends. Work has been amazing this summer. The dentist has been a great fit. She is such a pleasure to be around. She is pregnant and due in October so she won’t be around much longer but it has been nice to not be the only girl for a while. James is outnumbered now and has to listen to girl talk which he loves of course! All the kids that we have been treating this summer are Hispanic kids and they are adorable. They don’t speak much English and are super shy so I haven’t had any funny quotes all summer but they are so sweet. We treated a little 4 yr old boy last week that was super ticklish. Every time you touched him he would start cracking up and he was adorable. I wanted to bring him home with me! We started tickling him just for fun because he was so cute. He was probably my favorite patient this summer. We have been seeing some horrible teeth! When every single tooth has decay you know you have a problem! A lot of patients we have been able to treat 3 or more times and get all of their teeth fixed which is always a huge sense of accomplishment. We usually work on one quadrant and sometimes two at a time depending on how much work they have to have done and how severe it is. Unfortunately we have had to extract quite a few permanent teeth this summer. It’s never fun when you have to pull a kids permanent tooth because there is no way to save them. We try to save as many teeth as possible! Although I do love extractions I never like doing it on permanent molars. One exciting thing that happened this summer is that I had a kid maliciously spit in my face! Not a good idea! Let’s just say Weston did not stand for that! That kid will definitely not being doing that to anyone again! So far since I have started working on the tooth taxi have been puked on, peed on, spit on, and had my fingers bit. And for some reason I still love my job…don’t know why! The middle of September we go back on the road starting in north eastern Oregon and working our way back to Portland for the winter! I’m actually dreading going back on the road. I have gotten so used to being in Portland and seeing everyone on a regular basis that it’s going to be hard to go back to only being home on the weekends. But it’s only for two months and then I’m home for over a month! And I have Hawaii to look forward to and seeing everyone there! Well I must go pack because I’m heading to Bend in central Oregon this weekend! Miss everyone and hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am! :)

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