Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monday morning as we were traveling south to Cave Junction we ran into snow over the pass and though we might not be able to get there because the highway was closed down. Luckily we found out the road was closed down after Cave Junction due to a rock slide. Because the town is such a sketchy place we had to park the bus 4 miles out of town at a teacher’s house. Normally we leave the tooth taxi parked at the school over night. But if we did there it would get vandalized. We only traveled on Monday. After traveling down there and parking the bus we headed out to the river. The two guys that I work with are huge rock hounders. Me on the other hand I could care less most rocks all look the same to me! But while they were collecting rocks I fed my love for taking pictures. It was a fun night even though it was snowing out and freezing cold. However our night on the river did not do much good for my cold. I managed to lose my voice Monday night which always makes work easier! :-P I didn’t have a voice all week. Also had a very sore throat and constant headache, fever, and hot and cold flashes. After a week of not being able to sleep because I was in too much pain I decided to go to urgent care when I got back home on Friday night. He told me I have a severe throat infection along with laryngitis. I’m on 3 different medications right now to hopefully feel a little better on Monday! I sure hope so I can’t wait to not be in pain and have my voice back! Although I think the guys I work with enjoyed the peace and quiet for a week! Lol! Can anyone imagine me of all people not talking for a week! Just wait till I can talk again! Nobody will be able to shut me up! Lol! Anyhow back to work…Cave Junction only had 24 kids for us to screen. I know the demand down there is greater but not many parents took advantage of the opportunity. Only 8 kids needed any sort of treatment so we saw all of them and most of them twice. All of the kids we treated were really nice. One reality of the road is when we asked one girl where her dad worked she said he’s in jail. Her mom worked at a video store and she had an older brother. Sad to hear that stuff but reality I suppose. It didn’t surprise me considering our location is known as the biggest drug capitol of Oregon. We treated Tuesday and Wednesday and then left Wednesday and headed to Gold beach. We went down to California and back up again. When we left cave junction we had snow for two days and then got to the beach and the sun was shining! I sat on my balcony of my ocean front hotel room that night and enjoyed the scenery. Of course Thursday we woke up to a crazy wind and rain storm! Gotta love the crazy Oregon weather! The school we treated at in gold beach was such a great place. Everyone there was so helpful and thankful to have us there for a day. Not always the case, trust me! We screened 25 kids that day and treated 9. It was a crazy day! One little boy that we treated had just been adopted from Russia. He was adopted when he was 9 and he was 11 now. He had surprisingly great teeth for growing up in an orphanage in Russia and never went to the dentist before. None of us could tell at first that he was from Russia. His English was great and didn’t have much of an accent. Very sweet kid! We saw a bunch of good kids that day. It was really a pleasure being able to work there for a day. Friday morning we got up and headed to Port Orford and did the screening for our kids next Tuesday. We screened about 30 kids. Not many needed treatment and we will only be there Tuesday treating and then we head to Coos Bay for the latter part of the week. We need to screen about 150 kids for us to have enough to do for a week. So when schools have lower numbers than that, which means lots of moving and traveling for us! We did three cities last week and hopefully only two this week!

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