Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pictures and Videos!

Well this week has been quite entertaining and I'll post more about it on Saturday but I wanted to post a few links for everyone.

The first two are videos done about the Tooth Taxi.

This one was done about a year ago.
This one was done about two weeks ago.

If you look below I uploaded slide shows of pictures from the tooth taxi, AK people visiting Oregon, and Hawaii. For those few of you who haven’t seen. The top one is work pics! Enjoy!

From the kid gallery(quotes):
“My tongue died”.
“My tongue is like feeling strange.”
“Last Christmas I went to Mexico, the old Mexico not the new one.”

Summary of Dental Services.
Tooth Taxi, September 4, 2008- Feb. 12, 2010
5705 students screened
1734 students received oral hygiene education in the classroom
2208 students treated in the van
$1,463,611 value of free dental services provided.

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